Best Stain Sprayers – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

Renovating is always fun, especially if you can do it quickly, effectively and all by yourself. Think about how satisfied you feel when you see the results! Well, by using the best stain sprayer you will definitely be proud of yourself and the work that you have done. Your old fence or your scratched deck will look as good as new.

The stain is made of the same three primary ingredients as paint – solvent, pigment, and binder. It will give your wooden project a great color and will protect it from the sun, fungus and moisture.

However, finding a reliable unit is not that easy. There are so many suggestions on the market nowadays, and our team wanted to make sure that you see the best ones. That’s why, in this buying guide you can find the stain sprayer reviews, many useful tips and a lot of helpful information.

Wagner 0417005 Sprayer

Wagner 0417005 Sprayer

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 24.9 x 27.3″
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Position: Horizontal, Vertical, Round
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Thunder Hardware HVLP Spray Gun

Thunder Hardware HVLP Spray Gun

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions: 11.3 x 9.6 x 5.2″
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Position: Vertical, Horizontal, Circular
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Wagner 0529014 iSpray Front End Kit

Wagner 0529014 iSpray Front End Kit

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.3 x 10.4″
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Position: Vertical, Horizontal, Wide, Narrow
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Graco 16N659 TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer

Graco 16N659 TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Dimensions: 5 x 13 x 10.8″
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Position: Any direction- down, up, sideways
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FIXKIT Electric Paint Sprayer

FIXKIT Electric Paint Sprayer

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 11 x 10.2 x 5.5″
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Position: Vertical, Horizontal and Round
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VonHaus Electric HVLP Spray Gun

VonHaus Electric HVLP Spray Gun

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 10.6 x 10.1″
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Position: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal
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Best Stain Sprayer – ( Editor’s List )

1. Wagner 0417005 Sprayer

Wagner 0417005 SprayerThis HVLP sprayer can spray different materials such as sealers, stains, lacquers, varnishes and more. If you choose to use it, you will have a continuous flow of material due to the outdoor-rated air turbine it features. You can use it to refinish your lawn furniture, stain your desk and so many other things.

The Wagner 0417005 sprayer has a three-position air cap that adjusts the spray pattern. You can choose from a horizontal fan, vertical fan, and round pattern shapes. With so many choices you will definitely be satisfied with the results. Because of the variable trigger, the material flow can be controlled easily. It allows you to spray ½ inch wide to 6-inch-wide patterns.

The Wagner sprayer is also comfortable to set up and clean. It can apply coating up to 4.1 oz. per minute and you won’t have too much overspray. It has a plastic housing and a reservoir.


  • Adjustable paint flow
  • A three position air cap
  • Suitable for different materials
  • Low overspray
  • Can apply coating up to 4.1 oz. per minute


  • You need to wait about 15 to 20 seconds for the unit to start spraying
  • Easy to clog

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2. Thunder Hardware HVLP Spray Gun

Thunder Hardware HVLP Spray GunThis spray gun is suitable for wooden products, steel furniture, car parts, home appliance parts and so much more. It has two nozzle sizes – 2.8mm/ 3.2mm, and it can be adjusted to three spray patterns- vertical and horizontal flat jet, and circular jet.

The Thunder Hardware HVLP spray gun also features adjustable valve knobs so you can control the flow rate. This way you get a precise paint application and evenly sprayed coatings. The device has a 5.9Ft power line for changeable distance working and a detachable canister.

The design of the device is portable, and all parts of it are removable. This way the cleaning process will not be complicated, and you can use the viscosity cup to measure the viscosity of the paint. The rated power of the spray gun is 500W, and the water flow rate is 800ml/min. The spray also comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • Two nozzle sizes
  • Three spray patterns
  • Adjustable valve knobs
  • Design that is portable
  • You don’t need an air compressor


  • If slightly tipped the cup may start to leak
  • You have to keep the unit very close to the surface to get good thick coverage
  • It is not that powerful

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3. Wagner 0529014 iSpray Front End Kit

Wagner 0529014 iSpray Front End KitOne of the most significant market masters in advanced paint applicators- Wagner, once again shows its customers how things need to be done. The iSpray nozzle that this device features, is a patented Wagner design that will make sure you can paint whatever you like. It delivers a light texture finish when spraying unthinned latex and smooth finishes with thin-bodied materials like lacquers and stains.

The Wagner 0529014 iSpray is made of high-quality materials and is really durable. The nozzle has a flow rate control and pattern settings. Also, you can choose from vertical, horizontal, wide and narrow ones. This adjustable flow control ensures precise spraying.

This device is portable and most importantly, features an exclusive Lock-n-Go technology. This technology allows the sprayer to be quickly switched for material change. With this device you can get the job done correctly, saving time, money and effort. The most significant disadvantage to this product is the clean-up process. You may need to break the sprayer down and use gallons to clean up.


  • Portable
  • ISpray nozzle (patented)
  • Four pattern settings
  • Lock-n-Go technology
  • Suitable for stains, lacquers, latex and more


  • Not that easy to clean
  • The tips are a bit fragile
  • Clogs easily

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4. Graco 16N659 TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer

Graco 16N659 TrueCoat Plus II Paint SprayerThis Graco 16N659 paint sprayer is an excellent choice for your 1 or 2-gallon home painting projects. It offers a professional finish and is super convenient due to its portability. It does not require material thinning and supports a .017 tip. The sprayer features a ProDurance piston pump and a ProControl feature that will allow you to adjust the pressure and reduce the overspray.

With Graco 16N659 TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer you can spray in any direction- down, up, sideways. This is due to the Tilt-N-Spray flexible pendulum suction tube the device has. You can use the unit with all kind of coatings, such as acrylics, heavy latex and more.

The paint spray includes a 515 reversible tip and a 32 oz. cup with cover. Besides that, you will also get 5 cup liners and a Pump Armor Storage/Start-up Tool. The device comes with an instructional DVD on how to use it.


  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Flexible Tilt-N-Spray suction tube
  • Great portability
  • 515 reversible tip
  • Easy to set-up and to use


  • You may need to add paint to its tank a little bit more often to compensate for the tilted orientation
  • Heavy to hold
  • Clogs easily
  • Hard to clean

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5. FIXKIT Electric Paint Sprayer

FIXKIT Electric Paint SprayerThis paint sprayer does not only look great but is also super useful. It features three different spray patterns – vertical, horizontal and round. It also has a width lever for narrow and wide. You will surely like the fact that it has adjustable valve knobs and you can adjust the flow rate. With this electric sprayer, you get maximum control over the paint flow.

You can use the unit for different tasks. The great thing is that it’s an excellent option for decks, fences, cabinets, furniture and more. It gives a smooth and even finishes, without any brush marks. The best part is that if you have any quality issues, you could get a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase.

The FIXKIT Electric Paint Sprayer is easy to use, and it features a durable plastic housing and storage pressure pot. The water flow rate of the device is 750ml/min, and the rated power is 500W. You will also be satisfied to hear that the canister capacity of this paint sprayer is 1000ml so that you can have practical and convenient experience.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide application
  • 1000ml canister capacity
  • Three different spray patterns
  • Adjustable valve knobs


  • Gets overheated easily
  • The instructions are not clear

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6. VonHaus Electric HVLP Spray Gun

VonHaus Electric HVLP Spray GunWith the 6.5A motor this machine has, you get a maximum flow rate of 35 fl. oz. This suggests that you will be able to cover large surfaces in no time. The device offers a continuous, accurate flow and has an adjustable spray pattern. That is not everything, though, the unit also has an adjustable spray volume.

The 35 fl. Oz. capacity can paint up to 60 Din-S viscosity. You are completely safe while using this unit due to the thermal cut-out its features. If the motor overheats, the power will cut-out, and your Paint Station will be protected.

You also get a flexible hose and a shoulder strap. The VonHaus Electric HVLP spray gun is easy to work with and gives you complete control for confident and comfortable decorating. When it comes to paint sprayers the cleaning part is the hardest. This spray gun, however, comes with cleaning accessories and is easy to disassemble.


  • 5A motor
  • A maximum flow rate of 35 fl. Oz
  • Continuous flow
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Flexible hose and shoulder strap


  • Creates a lot of paint dust
  • It is a bit noisy
  • Gets a bit hot so you may need to wear gloves

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What Is A Stain?

Generally, a stain is a form of discoloration. You can tell it is different from the material or surface it is used on. People use staining for metal staining, biochemical research, and art. The art area is what we will talk about today for wood staining is a part of it.

Admittedly, there are a few types of stains. There can be indicative stains (food coloring), natural stains (rust on iron, for example), accidental stains (ketchup on your shirt…not so funny, we know…) and intentional stains, such as wood stains.

What Is A Stain Sprayer?

When you do your study, you will see that there are many different paint sprayers and our team has written articles all about them. When it comes to staining, though, you need to get yourself a suitable stain sprayer. With such a unit you will easily apply the stain to the desired surface, and therefore you will save time and effort. You use the stain sprayer pretty much the same way you use a reliable paint sprayer.  The sprayer actually atomizes the stain and by doing so lets it cover larger surfaces quickly.

Benefits Of Using A Stain Sprayer

Stain Sprayer Reviews

  • Speed

If you start to paint or roll your desk, you will undoubtedly use 4 to 5 hours to get the job done correctly. However, with a stain sprayer, you will be exceptionally quick to finish painting your desk. With the best sprayer for staining a fence or a reliable sprayer for staining docks, your wooden projects will surely catch the eye.

  • Quality Finish

An uneven thickness and brush marks are often seen when you brushed or rolled the stain. If you want to accomplish a professional look, then you need to forget about those and get yourself a stain sprayer. With such a device and following the right sequences, you will end up with a quality finish that is beautiful and even.

  • Simple to Use

No doubt utilizing a painting machine will be way more enjoyable and efficient than using a brush or a roller. You don’t have to get on your hands and knees while staining your deck. There is also no need to bend and hunker down when staining your fence, mainly if you use the best pump sprayer for staining fence. Doesn’t that sound great?! You can do so much work, stand straight and not bend your back.

  • The best part is that many stain sprayers are also suitable for paint jobs. If you find a model that is not just a stain sprayer, but you could use to paint your walls in the future, you will surely make a significant long-term investment.

Drawbacks Of Using A Stain Sprayer

  • Preparation

Best Stain SprayerActually, this is something that is common for every type of sprayer. It doesn’t matter if we talk about the high-end commercial paint sprayer, the most incredible paint sprayer for furniture or a high-quality stain sprayer. Before you start working with them, you need to prepare your surroundings.

Our team personally thinks that this is the most irritating part, besides the clean-up, and we are almost one hundred percent sure that you will agree. It takes too much time, and you need to mask and sheet all the areas that you don’t want to be damaged.

Besides that, you will need to remove all the dirt, nail stains, algae and mildew from the wood surface you are going to work on. Knowing how to prepare wood for staining is essential. In conclusion to this paragraph, we could say that staining is the most natural part.

  • Clean-up

This is the hardest part. It can get super annoying, but it has to be done. Otherwise, your sprayer will get clogged up, and there will be no second time to use it.

We recommend that you clean your sprayer immediately, once you have finished painting or staining. Even if it is the top paint sprayer for cabinets or a reliable stain sprayer that you are using, maintenance is essential to do.

Which Type Of Sprayer Is The Most Suitable For Staining?

  • Airless Sprayers

These units use a piston to apply pressure on the material. This is what makes the paint come out of the nozzle.

Many people use airless sprayers for their decks. This is since they are very powerful and work perfectly on flat, broad surfaces. The advantages of using airless paint sprayers are many. They are more effectual than HVLPs and surely better than your usual roller.

Their most significant advantage, however, is the transfer rate. It’s very quick -somewhere in the vicinity of  50%. That’s why overspray is often experienced. These sprayers also tend to be more expensive than the other types.

  • HVLP sprayers (high volume low pressure)

The HVLPs use a compressor. They are perfect for smaller, detailed projects. While the airless sprayers are a great alternative to a roller, these are the ideal substitute to a paint brush.

Because of the adjustability, these sprayers waste less material compared to the airless ones. They are also cheaper. However, if your project is large, an HVLP is just not what you need.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Stain Sprayer?

  • Power

Benefits of Stain SprayerIf you have decided to stain your deck and it is not a small one, that you will need a more powerful sprayer. Horsepower, PSI rating and how many gallons are used per minute are some of the things you should always double-check.

With higher-powered machines, it is likely that the overspray becomes an issue. However, this is not always the case, especially if you decide on a high-quality device. Just remember that the higher the power of the sprayer is, the more its price goes up as well. It is a good thing that there are many power sprayers for the stain on the market nowadays.

  • Adjustable pressure

Having the ability to slow down and speed up the flow whenever you like is necessary. Always look for a stain sprayer that offers adjustable pressure control. This way you will have more versatility, and even accuracy. Not to mention that your sprayer will become universal and you can use it for a variety of painting tasks.

  • Size of The Tip

It is essential to have a small tip size because stains are thin materials. We would recommend that you use 0.13 one. It is possible that your machine doesn’t come in this size so you may have to buy additional tips.

  • Tip extension

A tip extension is a must if you don’t want to bend over to reach distant surfaces. You can find tip extensions that are 10-inches long, and they actually are a viable option. However, there are some that are 30 inches and more. Our team would recommend that you don’t go for more than 35 inches.

  • Maneuverability

You would like to find a stain sprayer that you can move around freely, trust us. Look for a portable unit that will make the working process easier. There are many stain sprayers with great features such as a long-reaching hose, so this is also something you need to know.

  • Trusted Brand

We talk about your house here (if you plan to stain your fence or deck)! That means that you don’t want to purchase just any stain sprayer. Be careful, we know how intimidating a small price can be. But will it be worth it if your whole project gets destroyed and the stain sprayer just breaks? On the other hand, a high price does not mean high quality, so you need to be careful with that as well. We would suggest that you invest in a well-known brand that has many years of experience in this area.

  • Recommendations and reviews

What the other users think is essential for you will often find useful information in the comments and reviews of a particular product.

Best Stain Sprayer Comparison Chart

Wagner 0417005 Sprayer

$$$16.5 x 24.9 x 27.3″3.4 poundsHorizontal , Vertical, Round
Thunder Hardware HVLP Spray Gun

$11.3 x 9.6 x 5.2″3.7 poundsVertical , Horizontal , Circular
Wagner 0529014 iSpray Front End Kit

$$6.7 x 6.3 x 10.4″1 poundsVertical , Horizontal , Wide , Narrow
Graco 16N659 TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer

$$$$$5 x 13 x 10.8″8.3 poundsAny direction- down , up , sideways
FIXKIT Electric Paint Sprayer

$$11 x 10.2 x 5.5″3.8 poundsVertical , Horizontal and Round
VonHaus Electric HVLP Spray Gun

$$11.4 x 10.6 x 10.1″6.5 poundsVertical, Horizontal , Diagonal

Wrap Up

Finding the best stain sprayer is not that easy, and we are sure that after reading our buying guide and reading our stain sprayer reviews you now realize it too. There are many factors, such as sun exposure and weather changes that can wreak havoc on the wood. That’s why having a reliable stain sprayer to renovate your deck, fence or other wooden, and sometimes even metal object is beneficial.

We hope that we have assisted you find the most suitable product for your needs and if that’s so, don’t forget to share our article with your friends and family. Our job is to help our readers, so we have many other buying guides devoted to picking the right unit, don’t forget to check them out as well!

If there is anything you would like to tell us, send us an email or leave a comment! Thanks for reading, and as always- stay put!

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