Best Respirator for Spray Painting – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Health is the most critical thing in the world and if you have not yet realized that you will soon enough! Even easy and fun activities as spray painting and sanding can be dangerous for your health if not done correctly. And by correctly we mean by using the best respirator for spray painting.

Hacking and coughing for weeks after you have finished with a painting project is not fun at all. Therefore, a respirator is a good investment. Your lungs will undoubtedly say “Thank you!” and your doctor will be more than pleased that you are finally taking care of yourself.

However, there are many goods on the market nowadays, and we are here to help you get the one that will satisfy all your needs. The only thing you need to do is read our respirator for spray painting reviews and then continue with the useful information and tips we have gathered for you.

Best Respirators for Spray Painting –  (Top Reviews)

When you wear a respirator, it is likely that you look yourself in the mirror and find some resemblance with Hannibal Lecter. However, wearing such a device has nothing to do with beauty contests and has everything to do with protecting your health. That’s why you should look for the most reliable products on the market and luckily for you, we have gathered them all in one place. They are not arranged in any particular order you just have to choose for yourself.

1.  3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly

3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 3M 07193The 3M Dual Cartridge respirator has a maintenance-free design that is perfect for paint applications. The moment the organic vapor cartridges are spent, the ventilator is discarded. The high of the product is 5.6 inches from top to bottom, and the width is 8 inches. The overall depth is 13 inches.

This 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 3M 07193 is NIOSH approved. That means that this disposable mask is entirely safe and it will indeed be good for your health. You can pick from various sizes, and the respirator is adjustable so it will fit fine. The mask is comfortable and, and at the same time, it has a reasonable price.

This unit will work great for eight hours of concealed solvent filtering and forty hours of light solvent filtering work. It is suitable for automotive paint, adding sealer to your cement floor, mixing paint and more. It could get a bit warm to wear during hot temperatures, and because it is disposable, you cannot change the filters.


  • NIOSH approved
  • Adjustable
  • There are different sizes
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for different tasks


  • Not suitable for hot temperatures
  • You can’t use it repeatedly for it is disposable

2. Breath Buddy Respirator Mask

Breath Buddy Respirator MaskWith this Breath Buddy respirator mask, you get professional protection, and at the same time, you can breathe with ease. All organic vapors and fumes, dust, pollen and other particles in the air are blocked, and you can do your job adequately and safely. The mask is comfortable, and it is surprisingly easy to breathe while using it.

Another significant benefit is the truth that the mask is reusable. It is a long-term investment. When you buy this unit, you also get a nice pair of glasses. The filters are powerful. This respirator is not approved by NIOSH but meets the CE marking and the EN 140 requirements that are also considered high-quality worldwide standards.

A disadvantage of this mask is the fact that it has just one size. However, the straps for the respirator are well-designed, and it fits comfortably. The ventilator has an excellent air valve, but you will still sweat while wearing it – that’s how it is with every respirator.


  • Reusable
  • Easy to breathe while using it
  • Cool air valve
  • Comes with a pair of glasses


  • Not approved by NIOSH
  • One size

3. Safety Works 817662 Paint and Pesticide Respirator

Safety Works 817662 Paint and Pesticide RespiratorThis paint and pesticide respirator is light and comfortable. It fits right as it is adjustable. However, if your face is significantly smaller than the average size, this mask could be significant for you. It is a one-size-fits-all mask, but let’s face it- that is not really possible.

On the other hand, the Safety Works 817662 Paint and Pesticide Respirator has many advantages. It is 95% percent efficient against oil-based contaminants and can resist degradation for at least 8 hours of work. The superior carbon cartridges are replaceable and durable. Also, the same can be said for the filters and pre-filters. The respirator is also approved by NIOSH.

You can wear the mask with goggles. However, it is possible that you find the bridge of the nose a bit higher than usual. There is also no buckle on the bottom strap as with other respirators. The mask, however, is an excellent solution against organic vapors and will be perfect for your spray painting project.


  • Light and comfortable
  • 95% efficient against oil-based contaminants
  • Can resist degradation for 8 hours
  • Approved by NIOSH
  • Replaceable filters and cartridges


  • One size
  • No buckle on the bottom strap
  • The bridge of the nose may feel a bit higher than usual

4. 3M Paint Project Respirator

3M Paint Project Respirator3M is one of the leading manufacturers and designers of respirators in the world. It provides high-quality products that address the needs of both do-it-yourself projects and workplace, regulated applications. This 3M Paint Project Respirator is not an exception.

This respirator is approved by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) as an N95 class respirator. The NIOSH certification means that this respirator meets all stringent government performance standards. This safety mask provides at least 95% filtration efficiency against liquid and solid particles that don’t contain oil.

This mask is a good option for your spray painting projects. It comes in many sizes and includes swept-back cartridges for improved visibility. The plastic that the respirator is made of is a bit thin and sometimes fragile, so you have to be careful. This 3M Paint Project Respirator offers excellent protection but is not so comfortable. If you work around wood dust or other things needing vision protection, just keep in mind that you will find it hard to wear the respirator with googles.


  • Approved by NIOSH
  • Different Sizes
  • Swept back cartridges for better visibility
  • 95% filtration efficiency against oil-free particles and liquids


  • Not really comfortable
  • Thin and weak plastic
  • You can’t wear it with googles

5. T-60 Respirator with Daul N95 Activated Charcoal Civilian Air filters

T-60 Respirator with Daul N95 Activated Charcoal Civilian Air filtersThis T-60 Respirator is ASTM certified and will protect you from all dangerous environments. It uses Dual N95 filter cartridges and is made of non-toxic materials. The unit is suitable for different tasks. You can use it while working with toxic substances and chemicals.

This half-face is an effective shield against strong odors and can be worn with glasses. However, the most significant disadvantage this respirator has is the fact that it is not really comfortable. The plastic is, and if you have to wear the mask for an extended period, it will get uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the overall design of the mask is excellent. This T-60 Respirator with Daul N95 Activated Charcoal Civilian Air filters features a portable, lightweight and ergonomic design. It features high-density elastic straps that ensure stability. The removal and installation of the filters are easy. The respirator gets easily fogged even though it has an anti-fog coating. The good thing is that you get a one-year warranty so if something happens, you can be calm.


  • ASTM certified
  • Suitable for different tasks
  • Can be worn with glasses


  • Not really comfortable, especially when you wear it for more extended periods
  • Gets fogged easily
  • Not approved by NIOSH

6. Stanley Paint Spray & Pesticide OV/R95 Respirator Mask

Stanley Paint Spray & Pesticide OV/R95 Respirator MaskThe Stanley Paint Spray and Pesticide OV/R95 Respirator Mask have a latex-free design that is great if you are allergic to latex. The respirator features a contoured sealing flange that makes the wearing of the mask comfortable. However, if you wear the ventilator for a more extended period, you will see that it could get uncomfortable and while the facepiece alone is indeed light, the cartridges that come with it are a bit heavy.

This respirator mask allows you to breathe easily due to the strategically engineered exhalation valve placement. This is also supposed to make the cover cooler to wear, but this is almost impossible to achieve when it comes to respirators.

The Stanley Respirator Mask is a reusable one so the filters and cartridges can be replaced. This mask is a long-term investment that is NIOSH approved and will keep your lungs safe. It has OV/R95 protection for oil and non-oil liquid and solid particulates. The air is filtered through two filters first. This is way large particles are prevented from coming into your lungs.


  • Latex-free design
  • Reusable respirator mask
  • NIOSH approved
  • Contoured sealing flange


  • Suitable only for limited periods of work
  • Heavy cartridges

7. Honeywell Paint Spray & Pesticide Reusable Half Mask OV/R95 Respirator

Honeywell Paint Spray & Pesticide Reusable Half MaskThis versatile respirator is a good option for both professional contractors and dyers. It offers reliable protection from airborne irritants and will keep you and your lungs safe.  This respirator has a contoured sealing flange and is made of non-allergenic silicone blend. However, the mask is not really comfortable, especially when you have to wear it for a more extended period.

With this Honeywell Paint Spray & Pesticide Reusable Half Mask OV/R95 Respirator, you get a wider field of vision due to the low-profile cartridge it offers. This is super helpful for close up detail work. A strategically placed exhalation valve makes breathing even easier. Still, you will probably sweat while wearing this respirator as it is not entirely suitable for hot temperatures.

On the other hand, the filters and cartridges are replaceable, and you will be able to use the unit many times. A significant advantage this Honeywell respirator has is the fact that it is NIOSH approved. It offers OV/R95 protection for non-oil and oil liquid and solid particulates.


  • Non-allergenic silicone blend
  • Contoured sealing flange
  • Wider field of vision
  • Exhalation valve


  • Not suitable for longer periods
  • Not that comfortable
  • Not suitable for hot temperatures

What Exactly is a Respirator?

Benefits of Respirator for Spray Painting

A respirator is a unique device that will protect you from inhaling particulate matter, including fumes, gases, airborne microorganisms, and vapor. Having the right equipment when working with things that could be dangerous to your health is essential. There are many products connected to spray painting. However, a respirator is one of the most important things you need to have when working with a good paint sprayer, fertilizers, and others.

The main types of respirators are two: air-purifying respirators and air-supplied respirators. The first ones use a filtering element through which the contaminated air is forced. On the other hand, the air-supplied respirators deliver an alternate supply of fresh air.

Within each of the categories, different techniques are employed to eliminate or reduce harmful airborne contaminants. Respirators are also called dust masks or gas masks.

Types of air-purifying respirators

The respirators that we will talk about are the air-purifying ones. They have two main types- disposable and reusable ventilators.

  • Disposable respirators

They are called dust masks or particulate respirators and are used for protection against airborne particles. Such respirators are sold in the half-face variety and are a good option when it comes to sanding, grinding, sweeping and other dusty operations.

  • Reusable respirators

They are available in half-face and full-face variety and basically are the “stronger” respirators. A reusable respirator offers protection not only against airborne particulates but against fumes, gases, and vapors as well. Most of the reusable respirators require filters or cartridges that are attached to the mask. Depending on the level of safety you desire, you can order different filters and cartridges.

Benefits of Using a Respirator?

  • Best Respirator for Spray PaintingSafety

There are many reasons to wear a respirator mask. Being safe, however, is number one!

  • You have decided to renovate your house and bought a paint sprayer. That is perfect, however, before doing any actual work you need to think about the additional equipment you will also need. Even a seemingly harmless job such as painting a pistol or another firearm requires wearing a respirator. The fact that you might be using the best spray paint for guns doesn’t mean that you can just uncover your face and breathe in all the fumes. A good mask for spray painting will keep you safe from fumes, vapors, gases and more.
  • If you work in chemical manufacturing, you probably are exposed to dangerous gases or vapors that could cause long-lasting illnesses or health damages. For this reason, wearing a suitable mask is essential as it can protect you from such things.
  • Workers in agriculture or construction will also find respirators beneficial. They could protect you from dust and fumes that result from pesticides, fertilizer or road work.
  • Long-term investment

The respirators for spray painting can be used many times as they are reusable. This suggests that even if you decide to spend a bit more money, it will be a one-time thing and you could use the device for the years to come.

Drawbacks of Using a Respirator

  • Comfort

Having a reliable spray painting respiratory protection is essential. However, most respirators, including the ones for spray painting can be awkward to wear for some tasks.

  • Clean-up

All respirators, except disposable ones, must be cleaned and disinfected before reuse. Sometimes this process could be a bit irritating.

  • Weight

There are some respirators, especially the reusable ones, that could be a bit heavy to wear. Most of the times the ones that offer better safety are also the ones that are not so comfortable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Respirator for Spray Painting

  • NIOSH Safety Certificates

Respirator for Spray Painting ReviewsWhen it comes to respirators, you just need to know what the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is and what it does. The approval of NIOSH is the primary criterion that you must look for when choosing a respirator. That means that the unit has been recognized or rated safe as it conforms to all the safety standards.

The ratings you will see are a letter and a number including N, R, and P. “N” stands for oil-free, “R” stands for oil-proof up to eight hours, and “P” means oil-resistant over eight hours. The ratings 95, 99 or 100 show the percentage of particles that the respirator can filter.

  • Place and type of work

Knowing where you are going to use the respirator is essential. Depending on your workplace and type of work, you may need a different mask. The situation is the same with paint guns. If you are going to spray your furniture, you will get the best paint sprayer for furniture, and if you are going to re-paint your car, you will look for a spray gun for painting cars.

Well, with respirators it is pretty much the same. If you have decided to spray paint indoors, then you will need to look for a high-grade respirator.  If dust is the thing that bothers you, a cheap dust mask will do the job for you.

  • Comfort

You need to find a mask that you could wear for hours, without any significant discomfort. The device should not make it hard for you to breath and to see. Our team recommends that you look for respirators that can be adjusted to fit your face.

  • Filter

This is one of the main features a respirator has. Products that have more filters will offer you better protection. Also, look for respirators that can filter various things not just paint fumes.

Safety Tips

  • Storage is crucial. If you have a cartridge, always put it in a sealed bag so that it does not absorb anything when not in use. The respirator should be kept clean so that it could last longer.
  • Use your hand to cover the filter and then inhale. This way you will check the seal. If the full-face product pops and you can’t breathe through it than the air if going through the filters well.
  • Do not reuse disposable respirators!
  • Do not use broken or damaged masks!

Best Respirator for Spray Painting Comparison Chart

3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly

$7.5 x 3.9 x 9″8 Ounces8 or 40 hoursNIOSH approved , There are different sizes
Breath Buddy Respirator Mask

$$9.5 x 4 x 5″1 pounds8 hoursReusable , Comes with a pair of glasses
Safety Works 817662 Paint and Pesticide Respirator

$$$4.1 x 10.5 x 11″1.05 pounds8 hoursApproved by NIOSH , 95% efficiency
3M Paint Project Respirator

$$$9.5 x 5 x 5″1.1 poundsAt least 5 – 8 hoursApproved by NIOSH , 95% efficiency
T-60 Respirator with Daul N95 Activated Charcoal Civilian Air filters

$$6.8 x 6.3 x 3.9″1.01 pounds8 – 10 hoursASTM certified , Can be worn with glasses
Stanley Paint Spray & Pesticide OV/R95 Respirator Mask

$$10 x 5 x 9″1.1 pounds8 hoursNIOSH approved , Reusable
Honeywell Paint Spray & Pesticide Reusable Half Mask OV/R95 Respirator

$$$10 x 4 x 9″15.2 ounces8 hoursNIOSH-approved , Non-allergenic silicone blend

Wrap Up

Congratulations, you guys! You have arrived at the end of our buying guide to getting the best respirator for spray painting. If you by any chance still have not read our ventilator for spray painting reviews, don’t waste any more time and go check them out! By doing so, you will surely find the most suitable product for your needs.

We hope that you have found our buying guide exciting and helpful. If that indeed is the case, share it with others. Your friends and family may enjoy reading it too. Should there be anything that you would like to tell us? Feel free to drop us a comment or send us an email.

We love when our readers are satisfied, that’s why we have many other articles devoted to finding the most reliable unit. If you liked this piece, make sure you check the other ones as well. Thanks for reading, and as always- stay put!

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