Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Have you ever been in question about what to do with your old kitchen cabinets? Buying new is entirely costly, but renovating them might take up too much of your time, especially if you are inexperienced. Well, our team is here to give you a solution with the best paint sprayer for cabinets. You will not only make the cooking area in your home look like new, but also do the paint job faster, no matter if you are a novice or a pro.

Also, we have prepared for you our paint sprayer for cabinets reviews so that you can have an idea of what to look for when getting ready to refresh your inlaid cabinets in the kitchen. Moreover, you will find some extra tips and practical advice in our guide below, so let’s get started!

Ginour Paint Sprayer

Ginour Paint Sprayer

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 4.6″
  • Weight: 3.65 pounds
  • Hose / Cord Length: 6.6 Feet
  • Container Size: 1300 ML
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Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Sprayer

Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Sprayer

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.50 x 11.20″
  • Weight: 4.15 pounds
  • Hose / Cord Length: 15 Feet
  • Container Size: 1 and 1.5 quart 
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TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer

TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 5″
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds
  • Hose / Cord Length: 5.9 feet
  • Container Size: 900 ML
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Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat

Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat

  • Price: $$$$
  • Dimensions: 5.2 x 12.5 x 9.8″
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Hose / Cord Length: 18 inches
  • Container Size: 32 oz
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VonHaus Electric Power Paint Sprayer

VonHaus Electric Power Paint Sprayer

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 11 x 10.2 x 5.2″
  • Weight: 3.55 pounds
  • Hose / Cord Length: N/A
  • Container Size: 35 oz.
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Tomic Thunder Hardware Sprayer

Tomic Thunder Hardware Sprayer

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions: 10 x 9.8 x 4.8″
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Hose / Cord Length: N/A
  • Container Size: 28 oz.
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NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Gun

NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Gun

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 9″
  • Weight: 6.45 pounds
  • Hose / Cord Length: 6.5 Feet
  • Container Size: 900 ML
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Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets – ( Newest Models )

Scroll down to view our best paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets top picks list.

1. Ginour Paint Sprayer

Ginour Paint SprayerThe first product in our list is designed for spraying a considerable amount of materials. The Ginour paint sprayer will give your paint project a uniform spray while using solvent-based paint, 2-component paints, and staining sealers.

Also, you will get 3 different sizes of nozzles for your needs and a thorough guideline about each of the tips – which materials to use with the 1.8mm, 2.6mm or 3.00mm nozzles. Moreover, 1.3l detachable can is big enough, and you will not need frequent refill. There is a trigger guard as well and an adjustable valve knob to set the paint flow.

Another thing is that with this electric HVLP sprayer you can disperse the materials with a maximum viscosity of 70m DIN-s at a distance of 10 to 30 cm. Besides, this unit comes with a rear foam pad which is impervious to dust and moisture. Although the weight of this spray piston is only 1.3kg when empty, you might suffer from tiredness in your hand when using the product for an extended period.


  • 24-month warranty
  • 6ft power cord
  • 800ml maximum flow rate
  • Efficient interior use


  • Nozzles made of plastic
  • Hand fatigue may occur

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2. Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Sprayer

Wagner Spraytech 0518050 SprayerThe next sprayer is a great helper for both your indoor and outdoor paint projects thanks to its air turbine. The Wagner Spraytech product has an HVLP technology and a spark-arrested dual-stage motor which will let you apply thicker coats safely and effortlessly.

Also, it comes with a variable trigger with which you can easily adjust the material flow to meet your painting needs and at the same time get a width pattern from 0.5 to 10 inches. What is more, you will not be restricted in terms of the type of materials for this sprayer because the unit is designed to work with stains, sealers, urethanes, and even latex, if you thin it.

Besides these characteristics, there are 2 material cups for extra convenience – a 1qt cup for your small painting projects and another 1.5qt in case your working area is more significant. And if this is not enough, let us just say that this sprayer is only 4.05 pounds and hence you can use it longer until hand fatigue sets in.


  • 3 spray patterns
  • Lock-n-go technology
  • 9 fl.oz. coverage per minute
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Replacement filters and parts are expensive
  • Perfect results with stains and top coats only

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3. TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer

TACKLIFE Paint SprayerHere we continue with a lightweight and functional designed product which will undoubtedly save your time with your paint jobs. The TACKLIFE paint sprayer weighs only 4.2 pounds and comes with many features to better your home projects.

There are 3 nozzles made of ABS plastic with sizes of 3.0mm, 2.5mm and 2 mm and moreover, the package includes another 1mm copper tip for more precision of your painting needs. Also, with the 3 spray patterns, you can set the stream of material into a horizontal, vertical or circular mode. Another great thing about this item is the opportunity to adjust the flow rate via the valve knob.

This way you can have not only wide but also a narrow spray stream. This paint sprayer is perfect for thin paints, too and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to clean it. All parts can be disassembled, and the unit comes with a cleaning brush. However, you should not use latex or any corrosive paints and coatings with this sprayer.


  • 400w rated power
  • 900ml canister graduated for inch and metric scales
  • 9 ft power cord
  • 24 months warranty


  • The plastic nozzles can break easily
  • Spray tips are removed with difficulty

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4. Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat

Graco 16Y385 TrueCoatThe wide range of materials that can be used with this airless sprayer is what sets it apart from any other paint guns on our list. The Graco TrueCoat comes with spray heads that will make your paint job look so easy. The tips are not only effortlessly cleaned by clearing the tip plug with a twist, but will also spray any material like stains, heavy latex or even oil-based paints without the need of thinning thanks to the stainless steel piston pump.

Moreover, while using the spray gun, you will always have the other tip close at hand in the handle of the unit. Another thing we really like is the 2 practical FlexLiner bags which you will find in the package. Using them will save you time and energy when refilling it instead of the traditional material cups.

Along with these features, this product has a VacuValve technology which will let you spray paint in any direction and hence, you can cover your ceilings without worrying about excessive material waste.


  • Two 0.5-inch reversible spray tips
  • 18-inch electrical cord
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not recommended for flammable products like lacquers and thinners
  • Fixed speed control

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5. VonHaus Electric Power Paint Sprayer

VonHaus Electric Power Paint SprayerThis electric spray gun is very easy to use because you do not need to change the nozzles. Actually, the VonHaus paint sprayer is manufactured with a knob to adjust the spray flow- just by turning it, you can get a concentrated, or gentler paint disperse.

Also, you can spray paint, oils, varnishes, stains, and primers and what is more, there is a thinning chart in the manual for your convenience. This paint sprayer has 3 spray patterns as well and is even suitable for ceilings as long as you put the tube in the canister in the right position.

As far as cleaning the unit is concerned, there is nothing easier than this since you are given a pipe cleaner and disassembling the sprayer is a piece of cake. However, the nozzle needle is a little bit of a challenge to be taken out. Overall, this is a great paint gun for your small pain projects like your kitchen cabinets.


  • 35 oz. paint bottle
  • thinning chart in the manual
  • 700ml per minute maximum flow rate
  • 3.55-pound weight


  • Difficult to get the needle out
  • May overspray

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6. Tomic Thunder Hardware Sprayer

Tomic Thunder Hardware SprayerIf you are looking for a fully equipped paint sprayer, then the Tomic Thunder is the right for you. It comes with everything you need to maintain it – from cleaning to spare parts. There are 2 extra vibration valves, a viscosity cup with a handy hanger, a nozzle wrench and a cleaning needle in the package.

And besides these features, this airless paint gun has an output control and high flow rate of 11.5 fl.oz.  per minute.

What is more, with this unit you will achieve the intended outcome with water-based sealers, stains, and lighter body paints. Nevertheless, you should avoid materials with a flashpoint below 70°F, lacquers and textured materials as they can clog the straw in the canister and therefore damage your paint sprayer.

Also, bear in mind that this hardware sprayer’s motor is noisy, so a pair of earplugs may be needed.


  • 28 oz polypropylene cup
  • 4 gallons per hour flow rate
  • Not expensive
  • Spare parts included in the package


  • Suction straw does not reach the bottom of the bowl
  • Desired results only if the paint gun is in a horizontal position

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7. NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Gun

NEU MASTER N3140 Paint GunOne of the extras we really liked about this product is the fact that the motor and paint gun are separated. With the NEU MASTER’paint sprayer, you can do your projects faster and more conveniently. One of the reasons is the lightweight gun with a detachable handle – a perfect beginning for novices.

And the other motive is the shoulder strap which will let you carry the product everywhere you need to spray without using both hands. But it is not only the usefulness of the unit that sets it apart. This paint gun comes with 2.5mm and 3mm nozzles, 3 spray patterns and a handy-situated knob to control the airflow. Also, this HVLP sprayer is suitable for any type of material, especially mordants and wood preservatives.

Cleaning it is labor-saving as well as it comes with all the features for this purpose like nozzle cleaning needle and a cleaning brush. However, some may find the 28oz cup too small for their paint jobs.


  • Convenient On/Off switch on the motor blower
  • 6-inch flexible hose
  • 60DINs maximum viscosity
  • Shoulder strap for carrying the motor


  • Not recommended for ceilings and walls
  • Cannot buy extra canister from the manufacturer

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Paint Sprayer For Cabinets – First Steps

Paint Sprayer For Cabinets

A paint sprayer is a device used for dispersing different types of materials, and its purpose is to give your projects a perfect finish without brush marks. What is more, paint guns will ensure that you will not only dye faster but also be economical in terms of paint waste.  And this is perhaps the main reason why so many of you turn to paint sprayers when it comes to renovating or finishing your DIY kitchen projects. However, here we are going to explain some of the main advantages and disadvantages of using such products for your kitchen cabinets.


  • Painting your kitchen cupboards is cheaper than investing in new ones.
  • The final finish you can get may exceed your expectations as spray-painted cabinets will look like new.
  • Spay guns paint faster, and therefore you will save your time and energy, as well as money not having to buy different kinds of brushes, rollers, and containers.


  • Not all cabinets can be painted. This is not only due to their material but also on their condition. If there are damaged parts, scratches or chips, you may need to fix that first before doing the actual painting.
  • The painting itself does not take much time, but getting your kitchen ready for this surely does. You will have to disassemble all doors, remove drawers, prepare the working space and last, but not least, wait for the material to dry at the end of your project.

In case you are thinking about coloring the walls in your rooms, you should definitely check our best interior paint sprayer for interior walls extra help and advice on the perfect pick for your indoor paint project.

Paint Sprayer Types And Characteristics

There are three kinds of paint pistols, and each has its own specifications. You should be aware of how every type of works to decide on the one that will perfectly meet your needs.

· HVLP sprayers

The abbreviation of this type comes from high –volume low-pressure. And as you may have guessed it correctly, with this paint gun, you can expect to cover your cabinets with thick paint faster. Hence, you will get an even and smooth finish. However, HVLP sprayers are low in speed, so dispersing paint might take a little longer, especially if you are working on a long kitchen shelf for example.

· Airless Sprayers

This type works faster in terms of power and speed when compared to the previous one. Its operating mechanism is given away by its name-it does not use air to force the paint to gush out, but a vibration pump to spray the material at high pressure. Therefore, you can make use of it with thicker paints, latex, and stains. Nevertheless, there is one thing to remember- you will need a proper operation technique, no matter how easy it is to control the paint flow.

· Compressed air sprayers

These paint guns are well-known for the brush-free finish they produce. The so-called traditional sprayers use compressed air to push the paint out of the nozzle and this way a fine mist of paint is dispersed. However, you will need a powerful air compressor if you aim at perfect results. Also, there is a fluid tip that makes it easy for you to manage the material stream.

Practical Components Of Your Paint Sprayer

It is not only the spray gun that matters when it comes to buying one. You should also look for the extras that go with the package of your product because these add-ons will surely make your paint job labor-saving.

· Nozzles

Always check the size of the nozzles that come with the paint sprayer. When renovating your kitchen cabinets, you will need more than one-size tip as the materials for your potential cooking area projects are usually diluted differently. Also, in case you are not sure about the type of paint for your cupboards, then you must have a choice of more than 2 tips. As a rule, smaller sizes like 1.8mm nozzles are for stains and polyurethane, while bigger-sized tips of 3.0mm are for high-viscosity materials like primers. In any case, you will have to paint and prime the cabinets to get satisfactory results.

· Power cord length

When paint spraying at home or in a specifically designed area in your house, you will find out that the stretch of cable connecting the sprayer with the socket is of great importance. Of course, painting with a sprayer is not a job for a fixed position around the door of your cabinet, for instance. You will have to move around to cover all sides of your project, and a short power cord may get you bent out of shape. Moreover, you cannot predict which socket you will use, so the longer the electric cable, the better.

·  Capacity of the Canister

The total amount of paint your gun sprayer can hold can determine the duration of your paint project. If the container has a small capacity, then you will have to refill it frequently, which will slow you down. Also, make sure that the straw inside the canister is long enough to reach the bottom of the cup.

·  Adjustable pressure

Another critical factor when looking for the right paint sprayer for your kitchen cabinets is the opportunity to regulate the output of the paint flow. Usually, there is a knob to turn to adjust the paint flow and hence get better results.

Also, you should definitely check out our paint sprayers guides and hot tips for extensive information about your paint-related DIY activities.

Painting With The Right Tool

Best Paint Sprayer For CabinetsHere we are going to compare the traditional and well-known method of painting and paint sprayers as an innovative technique. Our team will give you an insight into all the possible advantages and disadvantages of each approach to make sure you are fully informed about your options.

1.  Paint brushes and rollers

When we think of paint brushes, we always remember the troublesome Tom Sawyer and his punishment to paint a fence. And indeed, using such a tool with a handle and bristles may sound like a tough job, especially if you are on your own in the kitchen trying to figure out where to begin. However, these conventional ways of covering cabinets with paint have some advantages, and we are not going to skip them as well as the disadvantages.


  • It is less expensive to get brushes and rollers than a paint sprayer.
  • The mixing options you have are numerous.
  • When working with a brush or roller, you are not exposed to the tiny particles which usually come out of paint guns.


  • To get a no brush cover of paint, you have to invest in quality brushes and rollers.
  • If you do not have a proper painting technique, you can leave marks. This is especially true for rollers since when you press them harder, they leave splotches of wet paint.
  • You may not get an even finish of your cabinets.
  • Need to use both brushes and rollers to cover cabinets’ doors, inside of drawers and inner corners. Sometimes it is even hard to reach the spot with a brush.
  • You have to clean each brush, roller, and container thoroughly after each use, which may take forever.

2. Paint sprayers

As promised, we are going to list all the benefits and drawbacks of paint sprayers, compared to the traditional tools for painting.


  • Better paint coverage for less time.
  • It can be used for applying paint on almost all surfaces.
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance.
  • Paint dispersed with paint sprayer dries faster.


  • Sprayer tips may frequently clog if you have not diluted the paint appropriately.
  • When working indoors, you will need proper ventilation.
  • The canister may leak if you are not holding the sprayer at the right angle.

Safety Tips

To make sure your paint project will go smoothly, you should be aware of the possible risks when using a paint sprayer for your cabinets. Also, we are going to suggest here how to avoid them and what to prepare in advance.

  1. Always wear a protective mask because breathing the small particles from the paint is toxic. If you are unsure of the type of cover, you can always look at our top picks and thorough guide for the best respirator for spray painting.
  2. Using gloves is a must to avoid skin irritation.
  3. Make sure you have covered the area you do not want to paint with tape or nylon. This way you will not end up with paint stains everywhere.
  4. Check-in advance whether you have assembled your paint gun the right way.
  5. Do not keep liquids like water or any flammable materials near the socket or the power cord.
  6. Use the paint gun as stated in the manual. If you are not sure about something, always contact the manufacturer first.
  7. Do not attempt fixing your paint sprayer on your own. This may lead to damaging the product, especially if it is under warranty.

How To Paint Your Cabinets

Paint Sprayer For Cabinet ReviewsSo far we have discussed all the topics we thought you might be interested in paint guns, types, features and have also compared them with their conventional counterparts. Now it is time to tell you step by step how to paint with a sprayer your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Choose the right paint for the material you are going to cover. You should be aiming at great coverage, stain and mildew resistance, and long-lasting material that will be easily maintained.
  2. The next step is to get ready for the heavy-duty work – removing the hinges from the cabinet doors, taking out the drawers and shelves, cleaning and wiping them from greasy stains, dust or any other unspecified dirt you really do not want to know about. If there are cracks, dents or scratches make sure to cover them with wood filler.
  3. Make sure you place all the hinges and screws on a place where you can easily find them later on.
  4. After that comes sanding. Unfortunately, we do not recommend you to skip that step because the new layer of paint applied to an old one, may start peeling quickly.
  5. Cover every part of the cabinets you do not want to be painted.
  6. Use your paint sprayer to apply at least 2 coats of paint and finish with a layer of primer. It is a good idea to begin from the cabinets’ doors and drawer fronts. This way, while waiting for them to dry, you can spray the inside of the cabinets’ boxes.
  7. Let everything dry for a day, and then you are ready to assemble the cabinets back again.

Best Paint Sprayer For Cabinets Comparison Chart

Ginour Paint Sprayer

$$11 x 10 x 4.6″3.65 pounds6.6 Feet1300 ML
Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Sprayer

$$$11 x 6.50 x 11.20″4.15 pounds15 Feet1 and 1.5 quart
TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer

$$$14 x 12 x 5″4.2 pounds5.9 feet900 ML
Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat

$$$$5.2 x 12.5 x 9.8″3.5 pounds18 inches32 oz
VonHaus Electric Power Paint Sprayer

$$11 x 10.2 x 5.2″3.55 poundsN/A35 oz.
Tomic Thunder Hardware Sprayer

$10 x 9.8 x 4.8″4 poundsN/A28 oz.
NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Gun

$$$11 x 10 x 9″6.45 pounds6.5 Feet900 ML

Wrap Up

This is the place where our complete guide has come to its end. We really do hope that we have shown you that your kitchen cupboards can look as good as new if you use the best paint sprayer for cabinets. What is more, you may have noticed that you do not need a professional to get them painted for you. Also, with our paint sprayer for cabinets reviews, you can check on the most practical and time-saving products on the market. Finally, there is nothing more satisfying than a perfect result of your own DIY paint project.

As always, we are open to your feedback and would appreciate any comment left by you. If you liked the article, show it to your friends or share it online. Let us know if anything can be changed or improved. Thanks for reading and as always – stay put!

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